From artificial intelligence to a search function

From artificial intelligence to a search function

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"Written just before the hype of Generative AI, and with precise predictions for the future. This shows to me that the authors of this book know the domain of legal tech inside and out. Accessible, clear and written in dummy language with practical examples "A must for all GCs, legal managers and LegalOps professionals. An absolute must for every legal professional who wants to continue for a while."

- Marianne Dees, Data Privacy Analyst and LegalOps project leader at ENGIE"

Legal tech, it is one of the biggest hype words in recent years. Technology to support, but above all transform, the legal sector. From file browsing software to intake chat services or even automatically objecting bots. The classic lawyer who pleads from his head and still weighs files had to watch out: the moot robot was warming up in the wings. It hasn't gotten that far yet and, as far as we're concerned, it won't get there. Legal tech will bring us many changes, but in a very different way than we think.

Table of contents

  • The rise of legal tech
  • Forms of legal tech
  • Switching to legal tech
  • It starts with taking inventory
  • Successfully introducing legal tech The role of AI in business processes

    ISBN: 9789083095721

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