ICT & law

ICT & law

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ICT and law is a functional field that also changes over time. Along the lines of the core fundamental rights of the information society (privacy, IP, freedom of information and freedom of enterprise), this book provides an overview of the legal frameworks surrounding technological developments.

Using many example cases and dilemmas, you will learn to put what you have learned into practice. You will learn to actively search within relevant case law and legislation and thereby sketch practical solutions for given cases.

Content of the book

  • Chapter 1: Towards a definition of technology law
    Does the field of technology law exist?
  • Chapter 2: Internet: the printing press of the information society
    From academic sanctuary to guardian of democracy
  • Chapter 3: Copyright takes a stand
    The influence of IP on the formation of technology law
  • Chapter 4: From webshop to cloud: everything becomes a service
    How online entrepreneurship innovated and transformed
  • Chapter 5: The road back to online privacy
    A quest to rein in the data industry
  • Chapter 6: Internet governance and enforcement
    “The Net interprets censorship as damage and routes around It”
  • Chapter 7: Innovation leads and the law follows
    The continuous struggle between innovation and regulation
  • Chapter 8: Code as law versus rule of law
    The influence of software on enforcement