GDPR Compliance Manual in Practice

GDPR Compliance Manual in Practice

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Edition 2021 of the 'GDPR Compliance Manual in Practice' has been revised to include the latest developments. All checklists and action points have been refined and developed so that you can get started according to the latest state of affairs.

With models and step-by-step plans for the most important privacy documents, processes and obligations of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Content of the book

Would you like to know specifically what exactly you must do under the General Data Protection Regulation? This practical manual gives you clear advice and explanations, with many practical examples, step-by-step plans and standard texts. A must for every privacy professional.

The practical book covers, among other things:

  • Frameworks and conditions from the GDPR
  • Obtaining and documenting consent
  • Registering processing operations, including sample registrations
  • Writing a clear privacy statement in simple language, including sample texts
  • Safeguarding the rights of those involved
  • Requirements for a processing agreement, including model
  • Carrying out a privacy impact assessment, including template
  • Registering and reporting data leaks, including sample registrations

ISBN 9789083095707

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