The General Data Protection Regulation

The General Data Protection Regulation

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The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is one of the most important European laws of the current period. The strict regime for handling personal data is unprecedented, as are the fines and other sanctions that may follow. How to deal with that?

This book will help you with that. Each article of the GDPR and the Dutch Implementation Act is discussed in detail: what do relevant terms mean, how should the rules be interpreted and in what context should they be placed. All this in practical language, with concrete examples and many cross-references for clarification. Includes alphabetical index and reference tables.

Edition 2023 contains the latest case law and Opinions from the Committee and the Dutch Data Protection Authority for both the GDPR and the Implementation Act. With foreword by Prof. Gerrit-Jan Zwenne.

Table of contents

General Data Protection Regulation

  • General provisions
  • Principles of processing
  • Rights of the data subject
  • Controller and processor
  • Transfer to third countries and international organizations
  • Independent supervisory authorities
  • Collaboration and coherence
  • Appeal, liability and sanctions
  • Specific processing
  • Delegated actions
  • Final provisions and transitional law

General Data Protection Regulation Implementation Act

  • General provisions
  • The Dutch Data Protection Authority
  • Provisions for the implementation of the regulation
  • Exceptions and limitations
  • Transitional and final provisions

ISBN: 9789083095745

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